One Week Meal Planning Bundle

One Week Meal Planning Bundle


Meal planning bundle (plan, recipes, shopping list) for one (1) week. 

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This meal planning bundle features ONE WEEK (7 days) of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

The following is included:

1) One recipe for each meal.
    Recipes may be original creations by Joanna. They may also be recipes by other authors tweaked by Joanna to be more health conscious OR healthy recipes that Joanna has in her vast collection. Authors will be credited and sources will be shared where applicable. 
2) Snacking suggestions (without recipes) for between meals.
3) Complete shopping list for the week. A prep schedule can be created for an additional fee. 
4) A brief run-down of the health benefits of some foods that are featured throughout the week (i.e. Bananas contain glycine and magnesium which is great for muscle tension and relaxation. An iced treat made with bananas can actually help you relax your muscles before bed).