Patch of Sky Farm
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Herbal Skin Care and Home Decor
From the Farm

Patch of Sky Farm in Guilford, Vermont aims to create skin and body care sourced from local Vermont farms as well as our own backyard farm. Created by Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert Joanna Wilson Phillips, the salves and body care we produce will nourish the skin in the same way food nourishes the body. We make everything at our studio space in Brattleboro or at our home farm in Guilford; to achieve optimal performance, our products are limited to small batches and special formulations. 



Patch of Sky Farm strives to use the freshest, most healing organic herbs and oils from Vermont and New England. We know that just because drying herbs is a preservation process it doesn’t mean you can use wilted calendula petals or tinned, five-year-old olive oil. We want to give our customers the same quality ingredients we use on our own family's skin. Most of all, we want to expand people's idea of what skin care should be: medicinal based combinations straight from the farm. 


Meal Planning, One-on-One Coaching, Cooking Classes, and More

"What do you want for dinner tonight?" Those 7 words are less than welcome on the farm and have led to many an argument...and many a restaurant reservation. Take the guess work out of meal planning and let a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert do it for you! Joanna Wilson Phillips, CNE now offers meal plans, one-on-one coaching, cooking classes and more. Don't see what you're looking for in our store? Email and let's chat! Personalized services are always available. (In person services are available within a 50 mile radius of Brattleboro, VT only)

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Crafts from

the Farm

A component of living a Culinary Nutrition friendly life is the old adage "waste not, want not". At the farm, we strive to make use of materials left over from our culinary and farming adventures: vases made from recycled kitchen jars and potpourri made from home-grown herbs & dried plants are just a couple of examples of the types of crafts you'll find here. All crafts are made by hand with love from Vermont. 

A Culinary Nutrition Inspired Lifestyle

Joanna's journey into skincare creation came to be in a round-about way. After serious health problems began to present themselves as a result of Joanna's obesity in 2012, she knew she needed to make a change. Together with her then boyfriend (now husband) Nicholas and their dog Lola, Joanna shifted everything about her family's life to be more health oriented: all processed, GMO food was cut out of their diets, daily exercise was introduced, new active hobbies were found, and chemical laden skin and body care products were removed from the house.

After three and half years of health-promoting hard work and finding her calling in health and wellness, Joanna enrolled in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and earned her certificate of Culinary Nutrition Expertise, with Honors, in December of 2015. During her transformation she lost over 200 lbs (and counting), but still struggled daily to feel beautiful in her own skin. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, Joanna decided to embrace the milestones her transformation had brought her with tattoo work and DIY crafting. Joanna covered up old tattoos and added beautiful new ones to celebrate the fact that her body, no matter what it weighs, is beautiful. She put her hands to work creating beautiful, upcycled accessories for her home, a daily reminder of a Culinary Nutrition cornerstone: "waste not, want not". Her husband (who swore he'd never get tattoo'd) currently has more artwork than Joanna and together they are working to promote their favorite place to get inked: Burning Hearts Tattoo Co. in Waterbury, CT. 

While tending to her skin and implementing skin-recovery meal plans after getting inked, Joanna noticed a lack of natural ingredient based skincare products on the market. The idea of creating tattoo friendly skin care straight from the farm was born and the motivation to begin cultivating  their two-and-a-half acres of land in Vermont followed shortly thereafter. Joanna and Nic (and Lola, too!) are excited to share what they already know to be true with the world: the best medicine for the skin and body comes straight from the farm.